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Halloween Costumes For Infants in 2009

Halloween Costumes For Infants are a real hype in 2009. Of course your baby is not going to remember much at all about this year’s Halloween, but it will make a great picture or video show to enjoy in the coming years. Read more »

Clothing Style In The Fifties

The clothing style of the fifties is getting a vivid revival. Styles come and go like a perpetual merry go round. What seems to be old fashioned this year can be incredibly hot next year, and vice versa… The fifties clothing style however had to wait for a very long time to get some attention again. Read more »

European Clothing

I always dreamed about European clothing. And there is a way to live your dreams while keeping it affordable: choose some basic pieces and start combining.

That pricey European clothing delivers fashion and saves you money in the long run!

When your fashion budget is constrained, it seems difficult to have a diverse wardrobe while living within your budget. You may have noticed European clothing on the racks in the upscale section of the department stores or boutiques at the mall. You wonder why they’re so expensive, and decide you can’t afford to lay out big bucks for a suit you can find in a similar cut or style for half the price. As with most consumer items, you do get what you pay for in well made clothing. Let’s see how European fashions measure up in the long run. Read more »

White Summer Dress

A white summer dress looks gorgeous on most women. However, two things come in mind immediately: it looks best on you when you have a tan, and secondly, the white dress has to be impeccable. Stains or dirty spots ruin the effect, and make the dress look really cheap. Read more »