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Archive for August, 2006

Choose Your Personal Mary Kay Cosmetics

Brands rise and disappear, but if a brand stays on for decades, then it must have a great deal of value in it. You can fool all people, but only once! Only quality products can survive for years and years… What is your current skin care regime? Are you a Neutrogena kind of gal […]

Try To Design Your Own Shirt

One of the latest and hottest things in fashion is the possibility to design your own shirts! We live in an era where the expressing of your individuality becomes more and more important in this mass society. Modern techniques help a great deal in finding creative solutions… Years ago it was nearly impossible to […]

Designing Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is a way of expressing yourself. Unique custom jewelry goes just one step further in acquiring this individual expressing. Nowadays you can find online custom jewelry, so nothing stops you anymore … I am always on the lookout for funky jewelry. I especially like beaded jewelry that is unique and unlike anything else […]

African American Quilts

Are you looking for some stylish clothing, with a timeless and ethnic touch? Just hold your breath and read this about African American quilts. They¬†have been around for many generations and this art form has been given new life in recent years. Even though the quilting designs have been in existence for many years […]