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Archive for October, 2006

Business Casual Dress

Lots of companies have dress codes. In most of the cases this feels rather comfortable: most people need rules and certainty in their life and evenmore when your carreer depends on it. That’s why “business casual dress” on for instance fridays is not always appealing to everyone! One of the most confusing phrases in a […]

Curly Hair Styles Can Be Beautiful

Why not write an article about hair styles again? Nothing special about afro designs, fashion trends… just some plain article about curly hair styles… I have what can only be described as curly hair.  It’s not wavy, it’s not sort-of curly, it’s curly. When I was younger, people called me Shirley Temple because of […]

Expensive Engagement Ring Shopping

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the more stressy things in the life of a young man. Rather go for a strict budget, or why not impress her and buy a real expensive engagement ring? You might be wondering what makes an expensive engagement ring so pricy. There are certain elements that factor into […]

Latest Fashion Trends

Trends go up and trends go down, and after that the cycle starts again… this is true for the economy, but certainly true for fashion and clothing trends. And I’ve even read a very interesting report that claimed that a correlation exists between the state of the eceonomy and fashion: economy is up and skirts are […]