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Archive for October, 2006

Low Cut Jeans

Low cut jeans: the fear of most parents…  I have to admit that some young women look amazingly attractive wearing them, on the condition that they have a completely flat belly, but hey: that’s only a minority. Why on earth do the stores limit their choice: I think 70% of the jeans nowadays are […]

Black Jeans Fashion

The funny thing about fashion is that all those trends go up and down, and up and .. Yes, you’ve got it. Just a few years ago professional people had a dress code, with a decent suit, preferably some fancy brand. Nowadays the new millionaires make a statement by wearing casual clothing… I have watched […]

Hot Wax Hair Removal Tips

One of the constant burdens in a woman’s life is unwanted hair. In our society it is almost obligatory to get it removed. Lots of tricks and treatments have been developed during the ages, but hot wax hair removal is certainly one of the most used methods… Are you constantly pestered by unwanted hair growth? […]

Beauty Secrets Are Not Expensive

Here we go: beauty secrets! It may come as a surprise but real beauty has little to do with cosmetics, fancy dresses or expensive treatments. What exactly is it that men attracts in women? This could be simplier than you think! One of my aunts has always had beautiful skin. She is very pretty […]