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Archive for November, 2006

Artificial Nails

Did you ever try artificial nails? I guess it depends on your personal style. On some women it looks gorgeous, on other women it just looks cheap… I used to know this girl who would go every week to get artificial nails, and then would spend the rest of the week complaining about them. She would […]

Armani Fragrances

Armani fragrances are often the first choice if you are looking for the real stuff. There is a huge difference in quality between the different brands of fragrances. So, if you think only the best is right for you, then maybe Armani fragrances are you best choice… Odor is a major thing in our world. […]

Titanium Jewelry

Titanium jewelry sounds quite exotic to me. Did you ever hear about titanium for jewels? Most women prefer gold and gems of course, but for men things are rateher different: don’t touch their masculinity! When we think about jewelry we usually picture precious metals and gemstones. While this is great for the ladies not many […]

Aveda Hair Products

Aveda hair products are well known. But what makes a brand stand out? After all, the competition between likewise hair products is extremely tough. Is it the quality of the products or just a better marketing campaign? What do you use on your precious dew day-in and day-out? These days there are enough hair products […]