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Archive for February, 2007

Italian Shoes Are World Famous

Italian shoes are world famous, for their design, their elegancy and their quality. If you wear them it’s almost if you don’t have any shoes on, they are so light and wel cut… You see, I am convinced that Italian shoes are superior to any other shoes. Besides I have a friend who goes […]

Female Models Wanted

Female models are always wanted. You have a trend nowadays that tries to looik down on female models: nothing seems to be all right anymore: the models are to thin, to thick, to long, to short, … everybody has his or her own opinion why the female models should look differently. Hey, give them a […]

Britney Spears Shirt 2007

Shirts and t-shirts with celebrities on it is as old as the street. In the sicties you had shirts with The Beatles on it and now in 2007 you find shirts with Britney Spears on it. People seem to stay the same throughout the ages. Boys will be boys and girls will be girls… So I […]

Make Your Own T Shirt Tips

I know more and more young people who make their own T shirts. Of course they don’t see it as a “job” or as an economical activity, but as a hobby or a way of self-expression. I don’t know if you have teenage children, but if I see them happy designing their own T shirts, I am […]