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Archive for March, 2007

Revealing Prom Dresses Appear Cheap

Revealing Prom dresses appear cheap. This is not a personal opinion based on strong moral principles, but just on factors as style, class and beauty. Don’t play the easy one, or the would-be glamorous one. If you want to choose a dress that is really going to make you shine, look for something that reinforces […]

Best Mascaras

Recently I’ve got some questions regarding the best mascaras. Of course it’s impossible to answer in a general way. Everyone looks for a different effect. Nevertheless, as a good rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. But for buying a mascara that suits you and that makes you shine like you desire, try out a lot of […]

Retro T Shirt

Retro t shirts are in again. Of course fashion and styles move in circles. What is hip now is not done in a few years and vice versa. The greec philosopher Heracleitos already teaches: “panta rhei” - everything flows. I only can say: be yourself and be somebody before you’re dead… Know anyone who is stuck […]

Fancy Dress Costumes Shopping

Just under the surface adult people always stay the child they were: lots of ordinary people just love to wear fancy dress costumes. Everyday’s life can be quite boring, and even a bit of imagination and adventure sparkles up our life. Partying is fun, and partying in fancy dress costumes is even more fun… I love […]