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Archive for April, 2007

Discount Shoes Shopping

The weak spot of a lot of women is… shoes! I know many women, some are even my best friends, who have literally tens of pairs in their wardrobe. Whenever we go on holiday, I ’m always on the lookout for shoe stores. Sometimes I ’m really fond of some designer shoes, but maybe a few days later […]

Fashion Design And Merchandising Opportunities

Fashion design and merchandising opportunities are everywhere. There are so many skills that you can use in this industry, that the possibilities are endless. Here you can find business oriented people, next to artists, public relations types, jetset people and hard working designers… If you are a fan of cable channels like the Style Network […]

Proactive Skin Care Products Fight Against Acne

Having severe acne is not nice at all, especially at that vulnerable age. Every product that can cure acne or improve your condition considerably, is worth his weight in gold. I heard a lot of good things about Proactive skin care products. Only time will tell if this is the ultimate remedy, but in the […]

Sunless Tanning Lotions Are Getting Better

A few years ago sunless tanning lotions were not the ideal solution if you wanted a nice tanned look. The results were mostly disappointing, and sometimes quite ugly. But science and research have improved those prducts and if you use them according to the guide lines, the result can be quite satisfactory. There are […]