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Archive for May, 2007

White Linen Pants

I am sure you’ve got white linen pants in your wardrobe. It is nlike the number one standard piece in your collection, and it is easily to combine with any other color or style. And something more: white linen pants don’t seem to get touched by the fashion waves… unless you still keep those elephant leg […]

Two Piece Prom Dresses Are The Rage

Two piece prom dresses are hot this season. I don’t know why exactly because I don’t know many girls who look really good wearing this type of dress. It’s a bit overdone in my opinion. I prefer a natural easy going style that is more suited for young women of this age. But nowadays, two piece […]

Fashion Wholesale

You have fantastic opportunities if you want to make a carreer in fashion and clothes. Fashion wholesale is one of the most underestimated businesses around: that means that you encounter much less competition than in normal fashion or clothing shops. I have always loved funky clothing and I have long wanted to turn into a career. […]

Fashion Clothing

A few of my collegues are really into fashion. I always thought fashion and clothing was something for women, but apparently I am quite wrong. I guess fashion and clothing can be part of your personality or just reflect your personal interest and style. I have never been one of those guys who’re into clothes. […]