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Barbie Dress Up On The Cheap

Lots of little girls still like to play Barbie dress up, and the famous doll became a real classic for decades already. As a parent you would like to give your children what they desire, especially for special occasions like Christmas and so on. Of course you will find a rather high price ticket if you want to buy all the brand stuff. Maybe it’s not so stupid to look around first. I am sure you will find great bargains… My little girl is very girly and very much a tomboy all at the same time. It’s an interesting combination, but my mom tells me that I was much the same way when I was a little girl. Looking back I think she is right. I loved to run around and climb trees, but at the same time I loved to play dress up with her clothes. I was often in trouble for trying on her make up when she wasn’t looking, and I loved to get a pretty dress for a special occasion. Just recently my daughter told me she wants to get stuff to play Barbie dress up and it reminded me of when I was young.

When we were in the store I looked through the stuff to find the Barbie dress up clothing they had for sale. To say I was shocked at the price was an understatement. There are so many beautiful dresses in the Barbie dress up section, but they were priced so high I knew I could not afford to buy her all of the ones that she wanted. Perhaps I should say I could have bought them, but I would have had to sell my car first. It was unreal.

The Barbie dress up stuff I saw wasn’t just about clothes either. There were shoes, crowns, and some sort of feather boa to go along with the dresses. Though I understand why she would want the real Barbie dress up stuff, I decided then and there that I would get her a little of it, but she would have to get other stuff to fill out her collection. There are other places to buy dress up things, and there were certainly items that cost a whole lot less.

In the end she got two dresses from the Barbie dress up display we saw in the store, and the rest came from a variety of different stores. I had to look around, but I ended up finding a lot of great stuff. Most of it was just like the Barbie dress up stuff, but it was priced much lower. I guess if you buy Barbie you are paying for the name. Luckily my daughter is only five, and she has learned about brand names just yet. As long as it works and looks pretty it is good enough for her, and that’s good enough for me.

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