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Become A Model

Admit it, when you were young, didn’t you dream about becoming a model? I sure did. A lot of girls (and boys) sincerely think that modeling is a kind of a dream job. Of course, a lot has to do with attention, I mean getting attention. Aren’t we all desperately in search of some personal attention? 

There comes a time in every person’s life when they want to be noticed. This generally hits hard around puberty. Suddenly you’re living with a young teenager, who wants to become a model or celebrity of some sort. After all, this is about the best way to get noticed in the world we live in. If you can get into the media, people will see you. Why? Because they’re always watching television or flipping through magazines. I knew plenty of people out of high school that craved this attention. They wanted to become a successful fashion model or movie star. I guess most people yearn for that public approval.

To just hop up and become a model is not so simple. A number of ads and radio commercials would have you think it is, but they’re sadly leaving a few things out. First of all, if you’re truly wanting to pursue a career in modeling, you have to examine your cards. What do you have to offer the modeling world? Is your particular look outstanding and unique? How tall are you? In reality, models are tall. It’s not like in “Desperate Housewives” where we’re supposed to believe that really short Latina housewife was a big model in New York. That’s absurd and unrealistic. Men should generally be at least 5′11″ and women 5′8″. That’s the minimum for the catwalk. Finally, you have to take a good long look at your physique. What kind of shape are you in? While female models are slim, they lack something called body fat. This means that the body mass you do have should be mostly lean muscle. As for the men, most big male models are ripped. They aren’t stacked like John Cena, but they’re cut and in awesome physical shape. Now, do you still want to become a model?

There’s nothing wrong with trying your hand. Who knows? Maybe you do have that phenomenal look some agency is after. All I can say to that is make certain you’re in good shape before testing the waters. Also, with the modeling world comes plenty of scams. If some random guy claims he’s a photographer and wants to take you out to the desert for a photo shoot, I’d look into it a bit more. You can pay attention to competitions online. Look for free auditions and go-sees at agencies. If you really want to become a model, it’s going to take some perseverance.