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Clothing Style In The Fifties

The clothing style of the fifties is getting a vivid revival. Styles come and go like a perpetual merry go round. What seems to be old fashioned this year can be incredibly hot next year, and vice versa… The fifties clothing style however had to wait for a very long time to get some […]

European Clothing

I always dreamed about European clothing. And there is a way to live your dreams while keeping it affordable: choose some basic pieces and start combining.
That pricey European clothing delivers fashion and saves you money in the long run!
When your fashion budget is constrained, it seems difficult to have a diverse wardrobe while living […]

White Summer Dress

A white summer dress looks gorgeous on most women. However, two things come in mind immediately: it looks best on you when you have a tan, and secondly, the white dress has to be impeccable. Stains or dirty spots ruin the effect, and make the dress look really cheap.
If you think you look good […]

Modeling Contest

A modeling contest is the normal way to start a modeling career. You get a lot of experience over there, you get to know your competition and you will always come out better because of this. But only in the case that you are willing to steal with your eyes and ready to adapt […]