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Become A Model

Admit it, when you were young, didn’t you dream about becoming a model? I sure did. A lot of girls (and boys) sincerely think that modeling is a kind of a dream job. Of course, a lot has to do with attention, I mean getting attention. Aren’t we all desperately in search of some personal attention? 
There […]

Clothing Retail Stores

Did you ever consider to open up a clothing retail store? I bet you did. But don’t jump in the water without thinking it through. Location is important, financing is important, choosing a nice collection is very important and dressing up your clothing shop is certainly important…. My sister has always been a big fan […]

Teen Fashion

Teen fashion doesn’t differ from adult fashion. It is just the way we look at it. Even the motives behind it are the same: teens try to fit in a certain group and want to express themselves. If you go to the office I guess you wear appropiate clothes: a suit, a dress or something else […]

Fashion Designer

A lot of young people are interested in becoming a fashion designer, but don’t really know much about a fashion designer carreer. Of course there are degree programs, where they learn you the current trends, the facts about the business and a lot of practical knowledge. When most people think of students in fashion design […]