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Sunless Tanning Lotions Are Getting Better

A few years ago sunless tanning lotions were not the ideal solution if you wanted a nice tanned look. The results were mostly disappointing, and sometimes quite ugly. But science and research have improved those prducts and if you use them according to the guide lines, the result can be quite satisfactory. There are […]

Avon Beauty Products

Most of the brands for beauty products come and go through the years, but some brands manage to stay around for ages. One of those well known brands is Avon. Avon Products were probably already used by your mother. Ding Dong! Avon calling! Millions and millions of women are familiar with that particular phrase […]

Best Mascaras

Recently I’ve got some questions regarding the best mascaras. Of course it’s impossible to answer in a general way. Everyone looks for a different effect. Nevertheless, as a good rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. But for buying a mascara that suits you and that makes you shine like you desire, try out a lot of […]

Great Aftershave For Men

Whether you use aftershave or not is your personal choice. But also the choice of the scent is a very personal decision. And if I were you, I would go shopping with my partner. It’s a way of getting to know each other in a different way. There are some men who no longer use […]