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Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo

Aveda damage remedy shampoo can be a real rescue for people with bad hair. There are various reasons for hair problems: using a wrong shampoo, washing your hair to aften, bad weather, bad working conditions, and so on. Don’t get used of having bad hair days all the time, but try to remedy as soon […]

Hair Styles And Color

Hair styles and colors are like a “perpetuum moblile”: the daily fashion changes all the time and after a while comes back again, to disappear and come back again, and again and again… What is with women’s hair styles and color? It’s like they literally can’t get enough of all this stuff. I know that […]

Aveda Hair Products

Aveda hair products are well known. But what makes a brand stand out? After all, the competition between likewise hair products is extremely tough. Is it the quality of the products or just a better marketing campaign? What do you use on your precious dew day-in and day-out? These days there are enough hair products […]

Curly Hair Styles Can Be Beautiful

Why not write an article about hair styles again? Nothing special about afro designs, fashion trends… just some plain article about curly hair styles… I have what can only be described as curly hair.  It’s not wavy, it’s not sort-of curly, it’s curly. When I was younger, people called me Shirley Temple because of […]