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Clip Earrings Memories

Clip earrings are for me like memories from my youth, charming but gone for some time. Do you know much adult women who wear clip earrings? Well, I don’t. When you get a bit older and more sophisticated, and your financial situation is OK, I guess you like to shop in jewelry stores with a […]

Native American Jewelry

If you’re shopping for some original gift, why not look at some native american jewelry: success guaranteed! Most people don’t know anything about the rich symbolic value of this ancient jewelry, but nevertheless they enjoy the beauty and originality of the artwork… Native American jewelry occupies a distinct place in the world of jewelry. We’re […]

Pearl Earrings Make A Perfect Gift

Pearl earrings make the perfect gift for all occasions. Which woman can resist these beautiful jewels? It’s classy, it’s elegant, it makes you shine through the night… My mother and father got engaged before he headed overseas for his deployment. While he was overseas, he purchased a beautiful set of pearl earrings for my mother […]

Jewelry Auction Tips

Did you ever visited a jewelry auction? I don’t have many friends who did, and I have to admit that I’m rather addicted to jewelry auctions. First of all, I really adore antique jewelry. Secondly, the thrill that I get of bidding and buying some gorgeous jewel really far beneath of the normal price tag, is uncomparable… I […]