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Gothic Jewelry In Cyberspace

Gothic jewelry can be found and searched online. There are tons of websites out there and it is sure as hell fun looking and shopping around. Just be creative, be an individual, be yourself! Are you Goth? This is such a big phenomenon these days. I have to wonder where in the heck it […]

White Gold Earrings

White gold earrings can be extremely beautiful. They have a few important advantages over there yellow gold and platina collegues. On one hand, the lighter the color of the gold, the more beautiful and important the gemstone(s) look. On the other hand, less people suffer from allergies on white gold… Many of us love the look of the expensive […]

Italian Jewelry Is Pure Art

Italian jewelry makes stunning creations. Centuries of creative design and craftmanship brought us this tradition of pure beauty. Of course you don’t have to visit the “Ponte Vecchio” in Firenze (Florence) to enjoy the look of these pieces of art: take your computer and surf away… The Italian people are vivacious, expressive, artistic and are […]

Shopping For Clip Earrings

I don’t know if you are acquainted with clip earrings. Why bother about them if you’ve pierced ears? On the other hand: I discovered a hidden category of antique clip earrings. Believe me, it’s fun and I wouldn’t miss it anymore… Some of the most difficult items to find in this day and age […]