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Clothing Style In The Fifties

The clothing style of the fifties is getting a vivid revival. Styles come and go like a perpetual merry go round. What seems to be old fashioned this year can be incredibly hot next year, and vice versa… The fifties clothing style however had to wait for a very long time to get some attention again.

1950s clothing style was very diverse. There were conservative values spread across the country but many young people chose to rebel and express themselves by dressing as “greasers” or pin-up girls.  This decade was popular for exaggerating female and male attributes.

1950s clothing style is captured in a few pieces, some of them still widely used today including: the cashmere sweater, neck scarf, poodle skirt, leather jacket, cat eye glasses and pedal pushers.  These clothes were fun to wear and kids took advantage of the easy access they had to them.

The poodle skirt was popular in 1950s clothing style.  The skirt got its name not from the shape or design of it but from the poodle featured on each one.  Whether embodied or patched, the iconic poodle could by seen toward the bottom of the hemline.

The cashmere sweater was a very luxurious item back in the 1950s. Cashmere, wool from a goat, and was imported to America.  They could only be found in special boutiques and great care was taken to maintain them.  Now, cashmere sweater, scarves and dresses are found in a variety of specialty and department stores and come in many colors and styles.

Cat eyeglasses were a huge part of women’s 1950s clothing style.  Very fashion forward thinking women and some men wore the thick-framed glasses throughout the 1950’s.  Even celebrities wore these glasses onstage and in films.  They are still worn totally but the frames are more neutral, either black or tortoise, without the embellishments and bright colors.

Leather jackets will never go out of style.  In 1950s clothing style, they were black and sometimes fitted.  Most young men wore them with the collars turned up.  Now leather is worn is a variety of colors and faux leather materials are available to cost the cost of high style.

Pedal pushers are iconic throughout the 1950s because the shorter pants originally used for cycling became a popular and comfortable fashion staple for many young women.  Made from denim of cotton and often paired with flat shoes, they helped tie together a look that was very easy to wear.

America embraced materialism during the 1950’s and this shone through the clothing people chose to wear.  In the 1940s, clothing had to be simple and useful but in the 1950s, with new homes being built and businesses expanding, it was acceptable for people to spend more time and money clothing themselves.

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