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Curly Hair Styles Can Be Beautiful

Why not write an article about hair styles again? Nothing special about afro designs, fashion trends… just some plain article about curly hair styles… I have what can only be described as curly hair.  It’s not wavy, it’s not sort-of curly, it’s curly. When I was younger, people called me Shirley Temple because of my blond ringlets. I’m a lot older now, but my hair is still very curly. Many people tell me they think it’s beautiful, but honestly, it is a pain some times. The varieties of curly hair styles out there are limited, especially when your hair curls as much as mine does. If you are looking at options for curly hair styles, you have to consider how much your hair curls to decide if a style will work for you.

The best way to decide just exactly how curly your hair is by washing, conditioning, and air-drying. Don’t touch your hair as it dries, and don’t add any sort of styling product. Once it is completely dry, have a look at your curls. Loose waves are great, and give you a lot of options. If you have curls that don’t spiral, you are in the middle. If you have hair like mine, you will have ringlets in some places, and large loose curl in other spots.

If you have easy to manage waves, you can get almost any hair style to work for you. You want curly hair styles that will show off your waves without too much trouble. If you go really short, your waves will, for the most part, disappear. If you have loose curls, you should go for curly hair styles that are longer. If you think your hair is too thick, get some long layers. Don’t layer your whole head, or you may end up with a ball of poof, much like a clown’s wig. 

For curly hair styles for those with tighter, spiraling curls like mine, stick to long styles. Most styles that work with straight hair won’t look right with your curls, unless you are up to straightening your hair each day. If you’ve never tried this, you should know that this gets old really fast. Instead, you might want to go find someone who is well versed in dealing with curled hair, and knows the best curly hair styles that are out there. They should work with your hair to show off what you have, and they should never try to tame it down to be something it’s not. Curly hair styles can be beautiful, as long as you find someone who appreciates what curls can do.


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