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European Clothing

I always dreamed about European clothing. And there is a way to live your dreams while keeping it affordable: choose some basic pieces and start combining.

That pricey European clothing delivers fashion and saves you money in the long run!

When your fashion budget is constrained, it seems difficult to have a diverse wardrobe while living within your budget. You may have noticed European clothing on the racks in the upscale section of the department stores or boutiques at the mall. You wonder why they’re so expensive, and decide you can’t afford to lay out big bucks for a suit you can find in a similar cut or style for half the price. As with most consumer items, you do get what you pay for in well made clothing. Let’s see how European fashions measure up in the long run.

European women don’t usually have a walk-in closet full of clothes. While their fashion budgets are just as constrained as ours, they have learned how to rely on accessories to make several different costumes, using just one well made suit or dress.

When shopping in European department stores and shops, you won’t find the variety of clothing you’re accustomed to here at home. However, European clothing is almost invariably made with top quality materials and craftsmanship. This clothing is made to last! Designers of this clothing emphasize classic cuts, which will still look fashionable five years from now. The excellent workmanship stands the test of time, so that expensive suit will look brand new as well. With just several well chosen pieces, you can enjoy a fabulous, classy wardrobe, with chameleon like qualities that makes your wardrobe seem to double in size. Here’s how to work this magic wardrobe trick.

Jewelry and accessories are key to creating new and different takes on a single piece of clothing. Let’s say you’ve chosen one basic grey suit, consisting of a jacket and skirt, from the European clothing rack. The quality is apparent in every detail. Seams, linings, hems and lapels stay put – you can be sure nothing will sag or drift and that lapel won’t curl after fifteen stops at the dry cleaners.

If European women are guilty of one fashion excess, it’s scarves. Drawers and drawers full of them. However, these are much less expensive than clothing and come in every type of fabric and design you can imagine. A lightweight long silk scarf, with shimmery metallic threads in graduated shades of color, makes an elegant fashion statement with this suit. Add a couple of thin gold bracelets, a lovely ring and matching earrings and you’re ready for dinner at the best restaurant in town.

For office wear, a brightly patterned silk scarf, paired with red earrings and shoes, creates an entirely different look. Your dinner partner will never notice it’s the same outfit.

A good selection of costume jewelry, handbags and scarves will stretch that single piece of European clothing into a dozen looks. Adjusting your fashion focus in this way is an art anyone can learn. That’s what I call getting your money’s worth!

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