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Expensive Engagement Ring Shopping

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the more stressy things in the life of a young man. Rather go for a strict budget, or why not impress her and buy a real expensive engagement ring? You might be wondering what makes an expensive engagement ring so pricy. There are certain elements that factor into the price of a piece of jewelry and you may want to consider these things before making a purchase. You may find that you prefer putting extra money down on an expensive engagement ring rather than finding a bargain.

The first element that is factored into the price is the weight of the stone. This is calculated by carats. A carat is a system of weighing the gemstone used by professional jewelers. An expensive engagement ring will have more carats than an inexpensive one.

It is important to make a distinction between carats for measuring gems and karats. Karat is a rating scale used to determine the purity of gold. So a 24 karat gold ring is quite different from a 24 carat diamond. When it comes to an expensive engagement ring more weight will be placed on the diamond if you will excuse the pun.  

The diamond is the most important factor in the cost of the expensive engagement ring. You are going to want to make sure that the color of the diamond is suitable for the ensemble. The less color in the diamond, the more pricy it is. The most expensive engagement ring will contain a colorless diamond.

Along with the color, or lack thereof, comes clarity. If the stone is flawless it will be perfectly clear. The most expensive engagement ring will have a diamond that has great clarity and no flaws. These are rare gems. Even if you can’t see the diamond’s flaws the price of the gem will drop.

Another factor in the price is the shape of the diamond. You will find that princess cuts are less expensive than pear shaped or heart shaped cuts. This is simply because the princess cuts are much easier for the jeweler to create. The more expensive engagement ring will have a more complex cut than an inexpensive option will.

While the diamond is the biggest factor in the cost of the jewelry it is not the only thing to consider. The setting is an important element in the overall price of the item as well. If there are additional stones in the arrangement the value of the ring will be greater. The most expensive engagement ring will probably have plenty of accent stones.

When it comes time to shop for your special someone you may want to consider this information before making a purchase. If you choose an expensive engagement ring you are making an investment.


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