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Becoming a female model is the ultimate dream of tons of young girls. Of course this profession can be quite glamorous, and of course you can travel a lot, but… don’t forget the downside. The hard work, the endless waiting hours, a lifetime of worrying about food and drinks. Be smart and get information! Many aspiring models see the world of modeling with a starry-eyed idealism, admiration, hopefulness, but with many misconceptions. Those of us who are not female models often evaluate these women based entirely on appearance. While attractiveness is a major factor, there are many more facets to models.

Most models are both sophisticated and well traveled. Models today must be strong and fit, typically working out for hours each day, often with very little sleep. Although a glamorous profession, the job of a model is strenuous, requiring far more work and discipline than first supposed.

One common misconception about female models is that, being so beautiful, they can’t be intelligent. Many models are intelligent, well educated and sophisticated women. Often traveling on assignment, they gain a broader exposure to other cultures. Many speak more than one language.

The business side of being a female model requires savvy. They must make smart business decisions to ensure continued success. One offer for a shoot may be very lucrative, but might compromise their personal moral standards. If her personal objection costs her the job, she will most likely benefit later with continued success, rather than a “scandalous” picture surfacing later to haunt her.  Other considerations when considering job offers include backing winners – is the particular line going to be successful? How “big” is the designer? Is the pay offered commensurate with the name she’s modeling?

Typical female models have short career windows. There are always new female models coming on the scene. Although well paid, she may have a serious career life span of just ten years.

The female model may begin her day at 5 a.m. with a couple hours of working out, a bird-sized breakfast and a ten-hour photo shoot. Female models strictly count calories. Lots of people think models are anorexic types, when in fact, that’s not the case. Calories are counted, but their diets are very healthy. Regimented exercise programs keep female models fit and supple.

When modeling clothing, it’s important that muscles are well defined, to showcase the drape of the fabric. The physical part of the job is to keep in shape and burn fat. Female models spend anywhere from two to six hours per day exercising. Some of the “super models” exercise eight hours a day. Some of us don’t even sleep that long!

One of the obvious “perks” models enjoy is the opportunity to travel. Famous and upscale designers feel their designs will show best on that Greek island, by the Spanish Steps in Rome or that beautiful beach in the Bahamas. Models are expected to take in the cultural ambiance and customs, to deliver the perfect captured moment of that place for the shoot.

Some models are quite lonely, because their beauty make men feel they’re “unapproachable”. If you’re an aspiring model, take stock of the reality before jumping in to this demanding career of the carefully cultivated flowers of fashion, female models.

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