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Jewelry Auction Tips

Did you ever visited a jewelry auction? I don’t have many friends who did, and I have to admit that I’m rather addicted to jewelry auctions. First of all, I really adore antique jewelry. Secondly, the thrill that I get of bidding and buying some gorgeous jewel really far beneath of the normal price tag, is uncomparable… I have a passion for antique jewelry. It is incredibly fascinating to me to know what year the jewelry was made and the history of the piece if it is available. I have managed to get some absolutely magnificent pieces of antique jewelry by attending a jewelry auction when they are held. I get very competitive in my bidding if it is something that I desperately want to own. In the springtime, a perfect evening for me includes attending a jewelry auction and letting me bid until my heart is content.

I have a diamond ring that I did manage to purchase at a jewelry auction several years ago. At the time, I paid only $450 for it. I knew very little about the ring but knew that with a little bit of cleaning, it would be gorgeous. After I left the jewelry auction, I went directly to a jeweler that I regularly use for antique items. He cleaned it up and told me a little bit about it. According to him, it was from the 1920’s and probably worth at least $5,000. I was amazed at how valuable that ring really turned out to be. From that moment on, I was convinced that the best way to get a really great deal on jewelry is to attend a jewelry auction. I read the auction section in the weekend newspapers and highlight anything local that appears to have jewelry included in the items that are for sale. When I see a headline that reads “Jewelry Auction”, I am beside myself. I think I drive my husband crazy. He refuses to attend anything that may turn out to be a jewelry auction. If the auction has hunting gear though, he could probably be tempted.

I don’t go crazy when I attend a jewelry auction. I try to have an idea of what some items should and shouldn’t sell for. That way, before I continue to bid higher I know when I should be stopping before I get ripped off. From my experiences, I have discovered that you can get some amazing jewelry items at a jewelry auction. With a bit of care and cleaning, you can restore their beauty and make them your very own. Whether it’s an antique item with a lot of history or a more recent piece of jewelry, you can find it all at a jewelry auction. Each piece of jewelry has a story to tell if you’re willing to listen. After you’re done listening, you can make a story of your own. 

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