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Teen Fashion

Teen fashion doesn’t differ from adult fashion. It is just the way we look at it. Even the motives behind it are the same: teens try to fit in a certain group and want to express themselves. If you go to the office I guess you wear appropiate clothes: a suit, a dress or something else - just to fit in. As a parent, you probably cringe when you think about teen fashion. I know that I see some teens on the streets that look like they just threw on whatever was on their floor, but I suspect the look took more work than that. I can’t wait to see what my daughter wears when she becomes a teenager, though I do suspect that I’m not going to like it. That’s the way it works though, as I am sure my mom though the teen fashion from when I was younger was a bit off the wall as well. Read more »

Fashion Designer

A lot of young people are interested in becoming a fashion designer, but don’t really know much about a fashion designer carreer. Of course there are degree programs, where they learn you the current trends, the facts about the business and a lot of practical knowledge. When most people think of students in fashion design schools, they assume that we are all filthy rich children of suburban America who have been indulging in all the excesses of fashion couture since we first turned 13. Although there are some students that definitely fit the profile, for most of us this couldn’t be further from the truth. Fashion designers, in fact, are some of the most creative and eclectic people that you will ever meet. Although we vary tremendously, we all share a reverence for the beauty of the human body. When it comes down to it, no one becomes a fashion designer simply because they want to make money, or even because they want to live a glamorous life. That is simply not enough to make it in the field. Read more »

White Linen Pants

I am sure you’ve got white linen pants in your wardrobe. It is nlike the number one standard piece in your collection, and it is easily to combine with any other color or style. And something more: white linen pants don’t seem to get touched by the fashion waves… unless you still keep those elephant leg pants out of the seventies. In the fashion world, there are certain staple wardrobe items we find indispensable. Like the little black dress that goes everywhere, for day and evening wear, so are white linen pants regarded as must-haves for most women. White linen pants have been popular for decades and never go out of style. Read more »

Two Piece Prom Dresses Are The Rage

Two piece prom dresses are hot this season. I don’t know why exactly because I don’t know many girls who look really good wearing this type of dress. It’s a bit overdone in my opinion. I prefer a natural easy going style that is more suited for young women of this age. But nowadays, two piece prom dresses are all the rage. Every day, I see teens come into the fashion store looking for a two piece formal dress. Even for plus size dresses, two-piece is the style. It is strange to me. It seems like people can’t even tell what is flattering on them and what isn’t. A lot of them ask my advice, but I know better than to give it. You really have to feel a customer out and see what they want from you. Rarely do they want the truth. More often, they want you to confirm the decision they have already made. They are looking to you to tell them that their taste is good. Rarely do I disappoint. After all, I want to make the sale. Read more »