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Pearl Earrings Make A Perfect Gift

Pearl earrings make the perfect gift for all occasions. Which woman can resist these beautiful jewels? It’s classy, it’s elegant, it makes you shine through the night… My mother and father got engaged before he headed overseas for his deployment. While he was overseas, he purchased a beautiful set of pearl earrings for my mother as his gift to her for their wedding. He planned on giving the pearl earrings to her the night before they were to wed. Their romance story is one of perfection and I often have envied them. They have been married for 37 years and are still very much in love. He held true to his plan and surprised her with the pearl earrings the night before they exchanged their vows. He had also gotten her a pearl necklace to match the earrings. She immediately knew that she would be wearing them on her wedding day. I love hearing that story and seeing the pearl earrings and necklace on her in their photos.

On my wedding day, my mother placed that same pearl necklace around my neck. She told me that it was something borrowed as well as something old. My hands were shaking nervously as I put the pearl earrings on my ears. I knew that those pieces of jewelry had brought them years of happiness and I was more than honored to be wearing them on my wedding day, as she had so many years ago. My father’s eyes were teary when he saw me wearing the pearl earrings and necklace as he waited to walk me down the aisle. Once again, he told me the story about how he had bought them for my mother and had traveled around the world with them tucked in his bags. I know that he was so proud of me at that moment.

I could easily purchase my own pearl earrings to have for my own. In fact, I may end up doing just that. Pearl earrings and necklaces can be found in almost any jewelry store. The price ranges vary greatly. However, none of those pearl earrings could replace the ones that my mother owns. Someday, when she passes on, I will inherit them. Those pearl earrings and necklace will be passed on to my daughter someday as well. She will hopefully wear them on her wedding day. I love the idea of carrying that tradition in my family. I’m sure that there are many families out there that have a similar tradition - whether it happens to be pearl earrings or not. Whether it is a ring or a pin, necklace or bracelet - it is wonderful to have something that is so special to hand down through the years.

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