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Retro T Shirt

Retro t shirts are in again. Of course fashion and styles move in circles. What is hip now is not done in a few years and vice versa. The greec philosopher Heracleitos already teaches: “panta rhei” - everything flows. I only can say: be yourself and be somebody before you’re dead… Know anyone who is stuck in a former decade? I think that we all do. A retro t shirt makes the perfect gift for the individual who seems to have a hard time letting go of a certain era. The retro tee is also a great gift for anyone who has a sense of humor in general.

There are plenty of different colors, style and designs available. No matter what interests your friend or family member has you can probably find an item that suits him well. Following are some ideas of what is available in the retro t shirt. 

Many of the themes found in the retro t shirt designs are well organized by category. For example, there are many state designs that may take you back a bit once you see them. The state-theme retro t shirt may remind you of a souvenir shop that you were in when you were young. It may just remind you of a special trip as well.

Many of the vintage tees found online and in stores are quite common but you can find really interesting and unusual designs in the retro t shirt if you do a good search. Many of the designs are tame while others are laugh-out-loud funny. Some do require a good sense of humor but most can be appreciated by all.

Vacation retro t shirts are great to get if you are going to visit that state. I wore a vintage souvenir tee during a trip to Virginia. This wasn’t the typical “Virginia is for Lovers” design that you may expect. This retro t shirt was hit during the vacation and I almost wished that I had a couple more to take with me.

Anyone who loves the 80’s would love the tropical retro t shirt. The designs in this motif were commonly associated with shows like Miami Vice. I bought one of these vintage tees for my husband and he loves wearing it to different causal functions like barbeques and sporting events. I think that he’s planning to wear his retro t shirt to his high school reunion.

Whether you want to invest in a retro t shirt from the southwest or whether you want to capture the feel of decades past, you will find what you are looking for if you take your time. As you probably can tell, there are tons of ideas in this overall trend. You can choose from many options and you may even find a great retro tee shirt that you want for yourself.

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