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Teen Fashion

Teen fashion doesn’t differ from adult fashion. It is just the way we look at it. Even the motives behind it are the same: teens try to fit in a certain group and want to express themselves. If you go to the office I guess you wear appropiate clothes: a suit, a dress or something else - just to fit in. As a parent, you probably cringe when you think about teen fashion. I know that I see some teens on the streets that look like they just threw on whatever was on their floor, but I suspect the look took more work than that. I can’t wait to see what my daughter wears when she becomes a teenager, though I do suspect that I’m not going to like it. That’s the way it works though, as I am sure my mom though the teen fashion from when I was younger was a bit off the wall as well.

Though teen fashion comes and goes, you can expect the main purpose of these fashions is to make sure they dress nothing like their parents. Teens have a strong need to set their own style, and figure out what their own identity is aside from their parents. That’s a perfectly normal part of growing up, and if a parent does not roll their eyes just a little when the see teen fashions, those teens are going to be confused, and they may try something else. That might be a good thing to keep in mind.

Some teen fashion statements are going to be crazy, but they might be bearable. If you come upon something that actually covers them, make sure you give them a good eye roll. That might encourage them to wear that style. You might think it looks funny, but at least they are covered. That should be your main concern. You can lay down the law when you see teen fashion that seem to be too revealing, but you may be encouraging them in that direction.

Remember that teen fashion is not all about ticking you off. It is also about building their own identity. It is also about fitting in with their peers. Though as an adult you might not remember what peer pressure was like, you can be sure it will urge them in many different directions. Quite honestly, teen fashion is probably the least of your concerns. You can keep an eye on what they wear, but you should also be looking at more important issues. Know who their friends are and what they stand for, and make sure you look beyond the clothes to see the real issues that may or may not change your child’s life in ways you don’t even want to imagine.

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