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White Summer Dress

A white summer dress looks gorgeous on most women. However, two things come in mind immediately: it looks best on you when you have a tan, and secondly, the white dress has to be impeccable. Stains or dirty spots ruin the effect, and make the dress look really cheap.

If you think you look good in white, you may want to have some in your wardrobe. White dresses look really good in the summer, and they are also great when you have a tan to show off. However, white is very hard to care for, and sometimes it is a big waste of money to buy anything in white. If you want to have white, be sure you know how to take care of your dress to keep it looking fresh and clean, and when to avoid wearing your dress altogether.

White dresses are prone to picking up just about anything you can imagine. Because there is no color, every little stain or even a dot is going to show. If you are going somewhere in which a mess could be very possible, you may want to skip wearing your white dress on that day. It might seem that a dress that is white would be perfect for an afternoon picnic with the extended family, but this is just one time when you should skip it. There are just too many foods and outdoor elements that could ruin your white dresses for good.

Besides watching where you go wearing your white summer dress, you should know how to care for them when the inevitable stain does occur. You may know to wash your white clothing in bleach, and this is something you should do each time. Never wash white dresses with anything other than white clothing. Dyes from any other color can taint your pure white color. For a stain that seems to be impossible, do a soak in bleach water. If your washing machine has a soak feature, that is a great way to do it. This might be ideal for all white items each time you put them through the wash.

White summer dresses also need a certain amount of help beyond bleach when a stain happens. Even grease splatters can ruin white clothing rather quickly. It is a great idea to have a good spot treatment on hand. When my wedding dress got a grease stain on it an hour before my wedding, Shout took it right out. It can do the same for your white dress and other clothing items. There are many other spot treatments on the shelves that can give you the same great results. Try a few until you find one that works great and keep it stocked up if you love to wear white dresses, pants, socks, and shirts.